Sephora Haul 2016

Hello everyone!

To kick off my blog, I will be sharing with you my recent online Sephora order. I purchased these items after the November VIB sale (silly me), but nonetheless, very excited to show you what I got!

The main standout of this order is a skincare goody I have been eyeing for a few months now – Foreo Illuminating Eye Massager. This baby is essentially an eye massager with 2 speed settings that helps reduce under-eye bags, crows feet, dark circles and all around tired looking eyes! I love that it is made of safe silicone which does not harbour bacteria that could only make your skin worse. I used the Iris this morning and let me tell you, this product is a winner! I don’t suffer from dark circles, so I can’t say much about that, but it did help reduce my under-eye puffiness and I could feel it working hard to prevent those fine lines & wrinkles 😉

The next product I was dying to try is the Clinique Smart Treatment Oil. I love using oils at night because at night time is when your skin regenerates and your skin is able to absorb active ingredients better than in the morning. Since it is getting colder here in Vancouver, BC, I want to ensure my skin is nourished and hydrated! Back to the oil itself; It is packed with antioxidants and is actually very lightweight. All you need is around 3-4 drops, warm it up in the palm of your hand, and gently press onto the skin. I have used this oil for 1 week now, and I can safely say this one is a keeper! I did not get any breakouts from using this and the next morning my skin is hydrated and glowing!

Another Clinique product I purchased is an anti-redness day product with SPF 15. I’m talking about the Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF 15. I’m very happy that Clinique decided to include an all mineral-based sunscreen in this product rather than chemical-based sunscreen because mineral is generally safer to use and better for sensitive and easily irritated skin. So, is this product worth a shot? The answer is maybe; I used this product once and it pilled all over my face (due to the Zinc in the product). I did some research on preventing pilling and found that you need to wait 10-15 minutes after applying a serum or other product before applying the sunscreen-based moisturizer. Also, you should only apply a thin layer of the moisturizer, patting the product onto the skin rather than rubbing it in, which is what can cause the little balls to form on your face. SO, I will give this product another shot using these 2 techniques combined, and keep you posted!

Mystery Sample Bag 2016 – Sephora is currently having another mystery sample bag promo if you spend over $35 online. Obviously I had to take advantage of this offer! The Mystery Sample Bag includes 1 full size SEPHORA COLLECTION Sleeping Mask and 6 samples, all in an adorable jewel-print pouch. Here are the lovely samples I got: sephorabag

Rewards Bazaar – Of course I had to take advantage of my Sephora points, so I decided to go for three 100-point rewards: Fresh Soy Face Cleansing MilkElizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon, and Sunday Riley Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner. I tried all three already and absolutely love each one! The Fresh cleansing milk leaves my skin feeling soo soft in the morning, and smells of fresh cucumbers. The Elizabeth and James perfume is such a unique scent; it has a very musky and smoky feel to it. The notes are vanilla bourbon, oakwood, and tuberose. Last but not least, Sunday Riley. Sunday Riley skincare is known for its one of a kind, hefty-priced face oils, and I haven’t heard of the water-gel toner until I saw it as a reward, so I thought, why not? This toner feels very nice on the skin and is targeted towards more oily skin types. It made my skin feel smooth upon application and I also noticed some plumping action! Who doesn’t want that?! All in all, great rewards.

PS - I will be posting blogs every Saturday, so stay tuned!

XOXO Dominika


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