5 Dupes for High-End Fashion

Hello everyone!

This post is sooo long overdue! These past couple of weeks after the Holidays have been busy, busy, busy, as Im sure they have been for you as well. But I am happy to be back to share some of my top dupes for luxury pieces. For those of you who don’t know, dupe items are inspired by luxury designers and they range from shoes, to bags, to makeup – the list goes on! So, who is ready to explore the world of dupes?

∇ First on the list, Stuart Weitzman. Known for his lowland (and highland) otk (over-the- knee) boots, these boots exploded when they were first released and because the market’s reaction was such a hit, multiple brands decided to create lowland inspired boots. Price: USD $798.

DUPE: DSW – Unisa Adivan Over The Knee Boot. These also come in Velvet!! Price: USD $69.95.

Here they are:


∇ Next up, a bag! We all know Versace has beautiful pieces, but the handbags are absolutely divine! One of my personal favourites is the Versace Medium Palazzo Empire Bag retailing at a Price of CAD $3150, so when I was able to find a dupe for this beauty I jumped right into adding this one onto the list!

DUPE: Aldo – Ocadorien top handle bag. Price: CAD $30 (on sale!).

Here they are:


∇ Lucky #3, earrings. But not just any earrings – I’m talking about the infamous Dior Tribales  pearl earrings. I feel like every girl needs a pair of these earrings, but lets get real, not every girl can afford these, including myself! I’ve been seeing dupes for these earrings everywhere I go. Because of the popularity of these beauties, Dior has raised the Price: USD $400+ which clearly is not stopping Dior lovers.

DUPE: Etsy – Choi Pearl Double Ball Earring. Price: CAD $16.19 – what a STEAL!

Here they are:


∇ Alright, this next brand that I am going to mention, I have been salivating over for months! From their shoes, to their bags, to their accessories, let’s face it,  I want it all! Have you guessed it? GUCCI baby! There are sooo many pieces I could talk about, but I am going to mention the one item I feel is in every fashionista’s wardrobe atm, the Gucci Brixton leather horsebit loafer, with a Price of CAD $755. These come in soooo many different colours, styles, and fabrics, making it impossible to choose!

DUPE: Topshop has been killing it with Gucci inspired loafers! Topshop – Lucy Snaffle loafer. Price: GBP £29 (CAD $48).

Here they are:

∇ Last, but certainly not least, I have been very into unique & funky jeans, and when I saw these Gucci Appliquéd mid-rise flared jeans while browsing Net-A-Porter I fell in love! Yes, i know, another piece by Gucci, but I simply couldn’t resist – The pattern is just so beautiful. Price: USD $2390.

DUPE: Zara – Embroidered Jeans. That slim at the hem though! Price: CAD $12.99.

Here they are:


Alright, that’s a wrap! I hope these more affordable alternatives helped satisfy your luxury piece cravings. What dupes have you been seeing around lately? Let me know!

xoxo Dominika

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