My Top Lessons of the Year & What I’m Carrying Forward to 2018!

Hello beautiful friends!

This month has been absolutely insane; I’m not talking about “holiday madness”, I’m taking about plain life. As sad as this sounds, I didn’t get into the holiday spirit at all because of what has been going on this month. On that note, I’m actually moving today! But I woke up super early to write this post as my last post of 2017 for you all, so I hope you enjoy and carry some of these 2017 lessons with you as well! 🙂



Always put your health first. This lesson is very important and I share this with so many of my friends and family because I know many people (and I’m sure there are some of you out there) that will tough out a cold, flu, headache, stress, whatever it may be. But the one thing a lot of us don’t realize is that all of this “toughing out” takes a major toll on the body and can later on show as your body will burnout. Just remember that whatever it is that you “have to do” or “have to be there for” will wait for you when you are feeling back to normal!

It’s okay to try something new and realize it wasn’t for you. This one hits home because this year was full of trial and error for me, as I’m sure it was for many of you as well. At first, it is hard to accept that something isn’t meant to be for you. But when you really think about it,  life IS all about trial and error, and it’s totally okay to try new things. Don’t let fear hold you back; Take risks & go out of your comfort zone or else you will always be wondering ‘what if’?

Invest your money. And the time to start is now. Saving money is one thing, but if you can find a way to make that money grow, that’s beautiful. There are so many options that your bank can suggest to you, OR you can even google investing options that suit your wants & needs! Long-term, you will be so glad you started saving/investing rather than spending on that coffee everyday or that expensive purse. The best part? The more you resist from buying unnecessary items, the easier it will be to not purchase later on when you are tempted! Don’t get me wrong, spending balance is key, but remember to spend wisely. If you want to see my top tips for saving YOU money, click here.

♥ Do more of what makes you happy. So many of us try to please others and forget to take the time to actually do things that make us happy and feel good on the inside. In order for us to please/help others, we have to remember to take care of ourselves first, whether it’s spending a day at the mall, going to meet up with a friend, doing yoga, learning how to cook, etc. Yourself will thank you!

Stop comparing your life to Instagram feeds. Comparing your own life, progress, & success to everyone else’s, and caring what others may think about you will ultimately hold you back. It’s important to remember that many people, especially on Instagram, only want you to see the perfect, untouched parts of their lives. In reality, every one of us has some sort of issue(s) in life that we have to overcome in order to better ourselves and strive to have the life we want to live.

I hope that every single one of you has an amazing 2018 and I want to personally thank you so much for following me along on my blogging journey this year. See you in the new year with a new post!

xoxo Dominika



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