I tried IPL Photorejuvenation & Here’s What Happened.

Hi lovelies!

I’m thrilled to be writing a post about a recent treatment I had done at the Medical Rejuvenation Centre in Vancouver, BC. This post goes into depth about IPL Photorejuvenation, including: pain level, cost, benefits, and more!

What is IPL Photorejuvenation?

To begin, IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. In addition, this treatment is also known as the photofacial in the cosmetic world. IPL is commonly used on the face, neck area, chest (décolleté), and hands.

How IPL works is it treats the problem areas of the skin with quick & powerful flashes of light. This process in turn causes damage to the tissue via heat energy. Finally, the body’s natural healing process removes the damaged tissue.


What is the cost of IPL?

Cost is usually the #1 question most people have in regards to skin treatments/cosmetic procedures. IPL Photorejuvination costs anywhere between $300 to $600 per treatment; However, keep in mind that many technicians will recommend getting a series of 2-5 treatments (spaced 2-4 weeks apart), depending on the amount of hyperpigmentation/irregular texture you have.

Is IPL painful & Are there any side effects?

You are human, of course you will feel something! But to be completely honest, the pain is totally manageable. During the treatment, the technician will apply a cooling gel that counterbalances the heat that is emitted from the IPL hand piece with each pulse, making the experience more comfortable.

To give you a better idea, my first treatment took less than 15 minutes, and the following two touch-ups took about 5 minutes, which in my opinion, is super quick and made the mild pain much more tolerable! The pain was very similar to laser hair removal – a quick rubber band flick with warm heat in a zap-zap-zap motion.

Right after the treatment, my technician wiped away the gel and applied an SPF 35 moisturizer. I did feel a bit of a stinging sensation from the IPL, but that only lasted about 15 minutes. My face was red for about 2 hours and was slightly swollen for about 4 hours, so I recommend getting this treatment done in the late afternoon. The next day, my face went back to normal, so there is absolutely NO downtime with IPL. Win!

Who should try IPL & What are the benefits?

IPL Photorejuvination is great for anyone that is into anti-aging, mainly looking for an improvement in the appearance of:

♥ Redness caused by rosacea

♥ Sun damage

♥ Red marks caused by breakouts

♥ Freckles

♥ Benign brown pigments (aka moles)

Is there anything I should know before my IPL treatment?

Yes! Make sure you do not have a tan because when tanned, melanin comes to the surface and this may confuse the IPL device into falsely targeting the tanned area, instead of the actual target area you want to have treated (see above).

Those with darker skin should have a consultation (I suggest a consultation for everyone though) before having IPL done, as the risks of developing permanent pigmentation changes/post-inflammatory pigmentation/skin burns are much higher. Why? Darker-toned skin has a more abundant amount of melanin. As a general rule, the lighter your skin-tone, the more safe it is to have IPL.

What should I do after my IPL treatment?

I was personally put on a skincare regime by my technician, Eva, which included a vitamin C serum,  retinol serum, as well as an SPF 35 moisturizer. The combination of these three products would ensure that my skin: heals properly (vitamin c), aids in cell regeneration (retinol), and is protected from UVA (aging)/UVB (burning) rays (SPF 35).

It is especially important to wear an SPF of 30+ every single day regardless of the weather. Since your skin is more sensitized after having IPL (and the inclusion of a retinol serum), SPF everyday is a huge must! Speaking of retinol, depending on the %, it may also make your skin a bit more sensitive, so if you do find that it is aggravating your skin, either decrease from daily use to every 3 days, or discontinue use (check with your dermatologist if you are having issues).

What were my results from IPL?

As you can see from the before and after pictures below, there is a noticeable difference in the skin, and this is only after 1 full treatment and 2 touch-ups. The rosacea on my cheek has lessened and the small acne scar below my eye is also minimized. I had some visible blood vessels around my nose as well which were zapped away!


Since this is not a permanent solution, many technicians advise to have a maintenance session 1-2 times per year, again depending on how much pigmentation comes back.

Overall, although I did not have too much hyperpigmentation, age spots, etc. and my rosacea is mild, I am happy with the results because I did notice a more even skin tone, as well as smoother skin texture.


» If you have any questions about this treatment, feel free to email me – dominika_nova@hotmail.com or send me a DM via Instagram!



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