The Pursuit of the Perfect Bra 

Disclosure – This post is sponsored by NuBra Canada.  All thoughts & opinions are my own. 


I don’t know about you, but I am not a huge fan of bra shopping, especially because I have the smallest chest, so finding the perfect bra is always a struggle.

This summer, I have been wearing mainly dresses and strapless tops, so I wanted to find a bra that would literally be invisible with any outfit. Yes, I know I could let the girls be free and not wear a bra at all, but a) I feel more comfortable with one, and b) I like to have at least a bit of a bust so that I am not completely flat. Flat-chested girl struggles.

Anyways, one weekend I was at Target, because which Canadian gal doesn’t love Target, am I right? I randomly stumbled upon a self-adhesive bra that was around $20, so I thought, why not? I was already on the hunt for one. I used it a couple times and let’s just say I got what I paid for – I found myself patting the bra back on throughout the day and had some strange looks doing so, might I add.

A couple weeks later, a brand called NuBra showed up on my Instagram feed, so naturally I clicked on their handle and started scrolling through their photos. What really stood out for me is the fact that the Company uses FDA approved medical grade adhesive, which made me think, maybe this one will actually stay on – and it does! Hallelujah!! I am so happy that I don’t have to worry about patting down my little maracas throughout the day/night anymore. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able wash the bra because of the sticky adhesive, but it is totally fine to do. I hand-wash mine with mild soup and warm water, and this doesn’t affect the adhesive whatsoever, yay!

NuBra offers a variety of styles and colours. Styles include the Silicone Bras, Feather-Lite Bras, Seamless Bras, and Enhancers. The one I own is the Feather-Lite Push Up Plunge  because I can definitely benefit from the little extra boost!

All in all, I am very satisfied not only with the quality of the bra, but also with the safety of them – NuBra bras are clinically tested & latex-free, which makes them perfect for sensitive skin! Do you own a self-adhesive bra? What are your thoughts on them? Wardrobe essential? I think so!

Where is Nubra available?

♥ NuBra Canada

♥ LaSenza

♥ Linea Intima

♥ Triumph



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