2D Skin Firming – No Needles!

I recently finished a series of 4 2D Skin Firming sessions at CUR Laser and Skin, where we targeted my forehead & smile lines, as well as lower face firming. I decided to write a post about my experience since this is one of the most pleasurable laser treatments I have tried and I also feel like not a lot of people are aware of this unique treatment.

What is 2D Skin Firming

Also known as Piano Skin Firming, 2D Skin Firming has become an amazing alternative to injections (filler). The Fotona machine uses laser technology that can subtly lift, plump, tighten and contour the face. How? The laser produces heat through light energy, which causes micro-damage to the skin. This wound healing response stimulates collagen production – As we age, we lose the ability to produce as much collagen as we once used to, and as an (almost) 27 year-old skincare enthusiast, I am always looking for ways to slow down aging. Did I mention that this treatment is also longer-lasting than filler injections? Yasss!

What is the cost of 2D Skin Firming?

As mentioned in a previous treatment-related post, cost is usually the number 1 question most people have in regards to skin treatments/cosmetic procedures. The price for 2D Skin Firming is $1399 for 3 treatments (cost varies per location); Each treatment is spaced 2-3 weeks apart and maintenance treatments are recommended after 4-6 months. Maintenance also depends on age, so the younger you are, the longer you can wait!

Is 2D Skin Firming painful? Side effects?

You will love this part – I experienced ZERO pain during this treatment. In fact, this was probably the most zen laser treatment I have ever experienced. It feels like warm air, or heat sensation gliding over your face. To clarify, the laser doesn’t actually touch your skin at all, it simply hovers over it. Each treatment comprised of two phases – Topically & intraorally. First, the laser is applied over the face, focusing on the jawline, as well as the lips. Second, the laser tightens the skin from inside of the mouth, targeting the cheeks, nasolabial folds, and inner lips.

Each treatment takes a total time of about 20 minutes which is aaaaaamazing! Right after the treatment, my lovely technician, Chloe, applied a vitamin C serum as well as SPF to protect my skin from sun damage. In terms of redness after the treatment, it was very mild, and barely noticeable. This went away within 15 minutes I would say. Overall, there is NO downtime or recovery with this treatment.

Who should try 2D Skin Firming & What are the benefits?

2D Skin Firming is great for anyone that is into anti-aging, mainly looking for an improvement in the appearance of:

♥ Loss of Volume

♥ Wrinkles/Lines

♥ Skin Laxity

This treatment is suitable and safe for all skin types, including those with darker or tanned skin. For reference, I have sensitive skin as well as rosacea and I had absolutely no negative reaction.

What were my results from 2D Skin Firming?

After my last (4th) session, I waited about 4 weeks to go back to the clinic for the final before and after, as that is typically the time it takes for the body to fully produce the collagen and see the full affects. I must say I am quite happy with the results – My forehead lines have been minimized and the area overall looks much smoother. My nasolabial folds aka smile lines have also smoothed out a bit! My lips are brighter, tighter, and fuller. The effects are not identical to lip filler, however, it is a more subtle and gentle approach.


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