Botox & Fillers – My Thoughts

Botox (botulinum toxin) and fillers have become a very normal beauty procedure in today’s society and I think social media has a huge part in their limelight. Getting injected has its ups and downs, and I am here to share my opinion on this, although I definitely do think that the majority of individuals getting injected today are far too young and do not conduct proper research before getting themselves (or their faces) into it.

What is botox?

For starters, botox is actually poisonous, but when used in small amounts and managed by a licensed professional, it is considered safe. Botox can be used for standard cosmetic purposes to fill in fine “expression” lines caused by muscle movement. It can also help greatly with non-cosmetic related concerns, such as: excessively sweaty hands/underarms/feet/etc, teeth grinding, and migraines. How botox works is it blocks communication from the nerves to the muscles, ultimately disrupting their normal function. Lasts 3-6 months

What is filler?

Fillers are essentially used to plump your skin or fill in “static” lines. They can also help with eliminating dark circles and hollow under-eye looks. They are typically comprised of hyaluronic acid (one of my favourite ingredients in skincare!), which is actually a natural occurring component in our bodies. As we age, we loose the amount of hyaluronic acid within our bodies, hence leading to visible signs of aging. Lasts 6-12 months

Have I ever had botox or filler?

No. One of the main reasons I haven’t gotten botox or filler done is because I don’t want to promote a sense of “you can be even more beautiful with this procedure” on social media. I am regularly on Instagram stories talking about skincare and the importance of properly taking care of your skin; In a way, I feel as though if I were to get botox/filler it would almost defeat the purpose of simultaneously talking about a proper skincare routine to prevent/delay wrinkles.

Another reason I haven’t committed to either of these injections is because of the cost; Depending on the area(s) and how many units/syringes you would like, these treatments can get very expensive, very quickly.

As with most cosmetic treatments, there is risk associated with botox as well as filler. For instance, a friend of mine recently had filler done on her lips (she has a gorgeous natural pout by the way!) and needed to get it dissolved multiple times because she ended up with bumps on her lips after having the filler done. If you don’t know what I mean by “dissolve”, it is pretty much another injection or series of injections using Hyaluronidase, which breaks down the lip filler.  The other day I saw a documentary showcasing ladies who received permanent filler injected into their face and years later the filler navigated to other areas of the face and caused infection. These are only two examples. Always be cautious of possible risks associated with treatments you are interested in getting done.

Will I ever get botox/filler?

Yes. Just not now. I will definitely be getting forehead botox and potentially masseter botox as I grind my teeth at night and can’t stand night guards. It’s all about timing, being properly educated, and having a budget set aside for these procedures.

Final thoughts: You do what makes you feel good & happy. Just remember that you really do not need botox/filler/invasive procedures/products to be beautiful.


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