Tips from a Savvy Traveller – Gal Edition

In a couple of days, I will be jetting off to my hometown, Kosice (Slovakia) and I thought I would do a quick post mentioning my top travel tips that I have accumulated over the years to save you time and money!

Tip #1

Start planning your looks/outfits at least a week before you need to leave. This will help you SO much with packing. I usually plan out 4 outfits (min.) for my trips but this totally depends on the length of your trip as well. Also, when packing, roll your clothes as it saves space!

Tip #2

Invest in a quality suitcase – even if you don’t travel that often. Why? Well, if you invest in quality, it will last you a really long time, and you won’t have to deal with broken zippers, wheels coming off, etc. I was gifted a check-in and carry-on suitcase from Monos and they are literally the prettiest and most functional suitcases I have ever had. Their sleek polycarbonate luggages feature a TSA-approved lock, thoughtfully designed interior (zipped panel, compression pad, pockets) and come with a luggage tag, nylon bags (I use them for socks/undies/dirty clothing), and a magic eraser for the exterior.

Tip #3

Do not, I repeat, do not overpack. If you are like me you will likely do quite a bit of shopping wherever you are going. This tip applies whenever I am travelling to places like LA or Europe, but especially Europe – Fashion is so much better there and I feel like they are always at least 6 months ahead of North America, so I like to splurge when I go back home. Trust me, you will want at least half your suitcase empty for all the goodies you will be brining back!

Tip #4

Go to the bank or a location that provides currency exchange services so that you can take out $ in your destination’s local currency – this will save you money because if you withdraw cash at your actual destination, you will likely be dinged with a fee.

Tip #5

Eat light before you fly. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t eat a big meal before your flight, but the main reason is because when flying in a high altitude, the cabin pressure drops and stomach gas expands, which can make it pretty uncomfortable and even painful, especially sitting for a long period!

Tip #6

In my travel handbag, I always include things to make myself feel good and refreshed! My in-flight essentials include: cleansing cloths by NuFace, under-eye patches (I love the ones from Klorane), hand sanitizer, gum, earphones, protein bar/snacks (you never know what you will get on a plane), empty water bottle (so important to stay hydrated on flights), silk eye mask, and a book.

I also make sure to wear super comfy clothing, especially for long-haul flights; sweatpants, a tee-shirt, an oversized zip-hoodie (my fave is this one from BRUNETTE the label), and some sneakers!

I hope this post was helpful to you or someone you may know and as always, feel free to reach out to me via Instagram & comment down below to let me know what your travel tips are!


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